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RK is a family owned and operated business with roots spanning over half a century.

The story of RK began through the entrepreneurial drive of Ramnivas Khandelwal who established the environment necessary for the formation of the group. He passed on his business acumen to his son, SRK. 

SRK oversaw the expansion of the company from its modest operations to transform it into one of India's largest manufacturers of lighting fittings.

The family's third generation would soon follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Amit Khandelwal joined the family business aged 16 and started running the business under the excellent tutelage of SRK. He led the disruption in the lighting market with the advent of LED based lighting. 

Through the relentless efforts of SRK, Amit Khandelwal and our team, RK expanded to capitalize on this new technology and transformed the small family owned business into one of the worlds largest LED product manufacturers.

The group has 18 manufacturing plants and has over $100 Million in revenue

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